Lena Dunham - ›Not That Kind of Girl‹ - Ein Buch von S.FISCHER


Post für die Generation Y - von Lena Dunham

Nach TV-Produzentin und Autorin kann Lena Dunham nun auch Newsletter-Herausgeberin in ihren Lebenslauf schreiben. Ab Herbst will sie sich wöchentlich Frauenthemen widmen - von Mode bis Abtreibung.

Ikone des Feminismus? Begabte Künstlerin? Oder nur eine verwöhnte Göre?

Lena Dunham stellt in Berlin ihr Buch vor und entwaffnet ihre Kritiker

«Viele Leute hassen Frauen»

Lena Dunham im Gespräch über bösartige Internetkommentare, brüchige Erinnerungen und weiblichen Erfolg

Die Feministin unseres Vertrauens

Wie sich das Deutsche Theater bei Lena Dunhams Auftritt in Berlin in einen glühend leuchtenden Fleck verwandelte und
das Publikum vor Glück explodierte

„Ich bin Autorin, Feministin und ich liebe Snacks“

Wie sich Lena Dunham in Berlin ihrem Publikum vorstellte

"The only way to be female is to just be yourself"

Die beiden Bloggerinnen Nike und Sarah von This is Jane Wayne im Gespräch mit Lena Dunham

Extrem unterhaltsam, voller Geistesblitze

Genießen Sie von Minute 00:07:20 bis Minute 00:14:34 eine Besprechung des Hörbuches ›Not that kind of girl‹

Endlich eine, die nicht süß sein will

Falls sich jemand gefragt hat, was aus den Töchtern der Feministinnen der 70er-Jahre wurde: Möglicherweise Frauen wie Lena Dunham.

Die Nackte schreibt jetzt

Für ihre unzähligen Nacktszenen in "Girls" wurde Lena Dunham berühmt. Jetzt hat sie ihre Biografie geschrieben - oder ist es doch Fiktion?

Feminismus 2.0

Lena Dunham hat eine Menge zu sagen.


05:55 - 21.01.2015


Impossible to explain how obsessed I was with these Greer Lankton sculptures as a child

10:44 - 19.01.2015


An MLK day book rec... Incredible narrative about race and feminism, passed on to me by @smashfizzle

10:35 - 19.01.2015


An especially important year to remember the vision of this man and appreciate the day we have to reflect on it

05:44 - 19.01.2015


Shout out to @alexastunts, my brave and intrepid Jello wrestling partner. Thank you for going easy on me. I know you could have broken some bones. #smurfs

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A sobering hint of what's to come CC: @bigbaldhead #sky #itcostsalotofmoneytolookthischeap

04:03 - 19.01.2015


So ugly so rude (@dianekrugerperso is the opposite of both those things

06:22 - 18.01.2015


New obsession: drawings by Grace Miceli aka @artbabygirl

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Do it, bros. DO IT. LET THE LOVE IN. Regram from @zac_posen (who would have a pretty killer wedding...)

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He's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore

10:00 - 16.01.2015


Today and every day just be like this dog who loves his birthday


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Any tips on how to have an easy to clean up but environmentally sustainable Thanks G? Laziness and a desire not to… https://t.co/pf9lNkt7uf

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Thank you for joining me today @333333333433333 - great chat! Enjoy the thread everyone #keepit100LD https://t.co/E545Zgmc6u

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Listen to this writers! The strength you’ve gained from telling your truth, what that does for people...this is rea… https://t.co/PddMUSrGEI

06:31 - 20.11.2018

I think your voice was DEFINED by the work, and I think that's incredibly important whenever you put a piece out th… https://t.co/mHEPCW4b7A

06:26 - 20.11.2018

Did you think 100 pages were enough? Could you have gone on, or pulled back. Its so interesting telling such a comp… https://t.co/VxoUs5LaGt

06:21 - 20.11.2018

It works if you work it. Congrats on that. Also, this is such a relatable mood. Tell me about what NYC felt like fo… https://t.co/WvhjnRu7Wh

06:15 - 20.11.2018

Did you trust yourself as the narrator? Like when you look back on what you've written. Did it feel like you were s… https://t.co/4Vpd4MqsVV

06:10 - 20.11.2018

Also this just sounds like trauma. #keepit100LD https://t.co/jRU0yZdkRZ

06:10 - 20.11.2018

You’re caught in a sort of...you can’t emote or make decisions that you trust. To write that, especially in diary f… https://t.co/VzVJ5SjwB1

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Tell me about the intentions in writing this and what revelations you had from the writing process #keepit100LD https://t.co/EMzCSHQ2lj


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Grace is officially the world’s worst packer– yes, those are shoelaces dangling out of her bag.

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Goodbye London #georgygirl

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These dream women stand for equality and justice. And they encourage you to vote November 4th.

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Honored to have THE @janetmock in my Lena

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The inimitable @mindykaling, a beloved voice for women and an angel in pink #iamwatching2014 #weheartplannedparenthood

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Headed back to school to pursue my dreams!

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Who has two thumbs and ordered a spinach tart!? This guy!!! #London #notthatkindoftour

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Lena & Grace & Cara & Kate #London #notthatkindoftour

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Grace trying her best to close her suitcase. But her best isn’t good enough!!!